Hotel EntranceFurniture is the first thing that catches the eye of hotel guests—making a lasting first impression that shows the quality of your brand and attention to detail. The furniture in guest rooms, meeting areas, lobbies, and event spaces are used daily and are bound to accumulate damage over time.

We can save you from purchasing new furniture by providing repair and restoration services. Furniture Medic by VaHill Restore and Cabinets provides the best, affordable wood repair and restoration services in the Dallas Metro area to commercial clients such as hotels. Read out and learn about our services.

How Do We Work?

We offer our customers a comprehensive repair and restoration program and ensure them the best results. We believe in originality, never changing the furniture’s original look and appearance, and keeping all the wood surfaces clean and polished.

Our Furniture Repair And Restoration Services

Here’s what you can expect from Furniture Medic by VaHill Restore and Cabinets:

  • A site visit and an in-detail analysis of every furniture or item in your hotel. Even if a minor treatment is needed, no job is too big or small.
  • A change in color or polishing to restore the scratch or watermarks.
  • For surface reconditioning services, we use a water-based product to ensure a shining surface.
  • We care about antiques and precious materials. We handle them with care and restore them to their original look.
  • With our high-end repair and restoration services, we expertly refresh lobby areas, paneling rooms, elevators, and conference rooms.
  • Our exceptional hotel furniture restoration services give reliability and strength to the furniture.
  • We provide quality work quickly so there is little downtime for you.

We have a highly creative team of skilled workers with the best tools. When your hotel furniture has seen better days, we can restore and refresh your furniture like new again. Contact Furniture Medic by VaHill Restore and Cabinets.